Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am just never satisfied

I've got it pretty good. I have a large washing machine to wash my clothes, a dryer that dries them in record time. A decent dishwasher, an automatic coffee maker and two computers which allow me to type much faster than I could ever write on a notepad. Technology is wonderful. Now, if someone could take time away from developing the newest, smallest, most incredible "phone" and use that incredible imagination to develop a machine that would fold laundry, my life would be perfect.

(I do have children. They are capable of folding laundry! I just wish they could do it without asking every three seconds: "Am I done yet? Exactly how many things do I have to fold?")

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jocelyn said...

I wish I had a folding machine too! I don't mind the washing, the drying, just the folding. I'll put them away with out any problem, I just don't like getting them out of the dryer and folding them. Maybe I should just wait and fold all my clothes when Mom did, although I don't watch All My Children :)