Saturday, June 06, 2009


I no longer play the piano like I used to but once in a while, a concert, a movie or a piece on the radio will make me want to practice.

Some books make me want to keep reading but make me want to stop at the same time--because I'm inspired to work on my characters, my scenes...and make them better.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter is one of those books. It's a gem.

The novel follows Dr. David Henry, who in 1964 delivers his own twins. He is thrilled to deliver a healthy baby boy but then is surprised when a second child is delivered. His recognizes that his daughter has Down syndrome and for a multitude of reasons, he sends her away with his nurse. He instructs the nurse to take her to an institution.
The story also follows Norah Henry, Dr. Henry's wife. Her husband tells her that their daughter died at birth. Her grief shapes and changes her life in ways she never imagined.
Over the twenty-five year span of the novel, we also get to know Caroline Gill, the nurse who was in love with Dr. Henry and who flees with his daughter.

Kim Edwards has crafted a mesmerizing novel detailing the way that love--and the mistakes that we make in the name of love--change the shape and direction of lives.


jocelyn said...

That might have to be my next book. I wanted to re-read (for the 3rd time) H.P. and the Half Blood Prince again before the movie comes out next month. I finished that one, and now I can't keep #7 down. I bought the Twilight book to try, although I haven't tried it yet. Your review on The Memory Keeper's Daughter though was a good one, so that might have to be next :)

LoryKC said...

If you already have Twilight, you might want to start with that. However, my opinion is only one. My daughter is HERE and wants to talk to you!

LoryKC said...

Aunt Joey ,
You should read Twilight it is awesome! have you seen the movie? It's pretty cool (AWESOME)but the books give a little more detail or description!


jocelyn said...

Thanks both of you. Natalie, I haven't seen the movie, I wanted to read the book first. I guess I will have to start that after I finish rereading Harry Potter. Thanks for your book suggestions C Ladies :)

LoryKC said...

I did not know you read your mom's blog!