Thursday, August 20, 2009


If you're a kid, and you're mom looks so tired you think she might want to stay home today--what other choice do you really have? You've got to swing that door open, unload a few things and keep climbing those refrigerator shelves until she has no choice but to take you to the park! (Unless she puts you in bed but that's a risk a kid has got to take, right? If you are a resourceful 21-month-old, you can get out of there if you really have to. By that time however, your Mom has had a chance to get another cup of coffee so you still might get to the park, after all!)


aaron said...

Interesting hypothetical you describe. I wonder if it would actually happen that way in real life. ;)

jocelyn said...

It sounds like you have had quite the morning. I hope your "chilled child" gives you a warmer day today :)