Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Slacker mom strikes again

I have mentioned before that my youngest likes to stash food in his pjs. And yet, I continue to feed him before getting him dressed.

Today Slacker Mom allowed him to have a peanut butter and chocolate granola bar. SM was able to take the trash out and he was still enjoying it so SM decided to steal a few minutes on the computer. Toddler lowers the zipper. Slacker mom thinks: "He'll learn. It will be sticky and he will remember for next time." Slacker mom keeps writing.

Toddler stays quiet and happy for a few more minutes. Slacker mom makes mental note to change him and get him dressed in just a minute. She continues writing.

Several minutes later, toddler is completely zipped back up and Slacker mom has, of course, forgotten about the hidden contents. She watches him tiptoe around the carpet, trying to play with his toys. "Ha ha! This will make him remember not to stash food in his pjs!"

A few more minutes and Slacker mom finally stops typing. He probably needs a new diaper by now, anyway. Yep...he's unzipping...oh...riiiight. Those blanket sleepers are cozy...and chocolate melts.


Tracy said...

Stashing chocolate in the PJs... now there's an idea.

jocelyn said...

hahahahaha...that's funny! :)