Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspiration is fleeting

It's revising time and the WIP has characters, locations, romance, strife...but it was lacking...something.
I think I've got it. Trouble is, I'm jotting notes before the ideas completely flee my head but don't have the time to fully flesh it out. The nights that one or more children wake repeatedly seem, inevitably, to be followed by days where I have a flood of ideas but neither the time--nor the alertness--to put them together.

Nevertheless, 2010 WILL be THE year this gets DONE. (I will look like a zombie but there are trade-offs for everything!)

How is your 2010 progressing?


aaron said...

I believe in you -- 2010 is your year!

p.s. I expect you to include DC on your book tour.

LoryKC said...

(I'll make it my first stop! LOL)