Monday, August 09, 2010

You knew it was coming

Well, my few loyal readers, I have let you down again. But if you're still here, reading, you aren't surprised.

The WIP is not quite there. I have so much done but can't wrap it up with a neat little bow, just yet.
Life has been surreal here, lately which would be great for composing but not so much for focusing and editing.

I have allowed myself a very brief extension.

The kids go back to school next week so my worst case scenario involves me finishing it up soon thereafter. Life certainly does not get any calmer or easier with them in school but we'll be back in a more structured routine.

1 comment:

jocelyn said...

Sorry you didn't make your deadline. I hope everything at your house is going ok. School days may help in getting it wrapped up in a bow for you, or you could always just do a gift bag :)