Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What ever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening tv?

Before I had children, I made silly, blanket statements.  I said judgemental things like, "I won't let my children watch mind-numbing television.  They will never play a video game with any amount of violence."  Before children, I could not understand how any reasonable person could put their child on a leash, like a pet.

I have three human children, now. The only claim above that I have stuck to is that I do not own a "child leash."  (Clearly, if I was going to "cave" on one, that should have been the winner!)
Before we brought our current dog into our home, we vowed not to give her any "people food" of any kind.

Today, Gracie is one year old.

Our dog has tried most forms of "people food" by now and though we do not give her chocolate, I made her a cake.  A meatloaf cake.  With cheese "icing."  WHY?

Because my children have seen FAR too many old episodes of "Full House," including one with Comet's birthday.  (You will be shocked to learn that their dog was served a meatloaf cake frosted with cheese "icing.")  And because I ask all of my children what what type of cake they would like for each and every birthday but the dog cannot speak for herself--all three children agreed, unanimously, that Gracie wanted a meatloaf cake with cheese icing.

I do not eat meat.  The idea AND sight of ground meat disgusts me.  But I cook meat for my family, occasionally.  Today--I put my hands in a bowl of ground turkey, raw egg and a few other delicious ingredients--and made a meatloaf cake.  For our DOG.

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jocelyn said...

Wow, that is impressive. I don't even like to make meatloaf for us! I guess Comet is the 1st most spoiled dog then? As for Full House, it is mind numbing tv, but I enjoyed it. DJ and I were the same age :) Happy Birthday Gracie :)