Monday, January 24, 2011

WooHoo! Winning over whining!

Happy Monday!!!
(What?  This isn't your favorite day?)
I'll admit, I was dreading this one.  My in-laws were here for the weekend.  (That isn't dreadful; they're wonderful people).  But the kids stay up later when they're here.  Our guests had to get up and leave even earlier than I normally wake the kids for school. I wanted to be up to have coffee and tell them goodbye, before waking the kids.  But I don't do early, well!

While I was trying to get a few last winks in before I had to get up, the dog heard our guests getting ready and began BARKING.  So I rose to quiet her, started with the coffee, and have been going ever since.  The youngest child (the only one who does not have to be anywhere, today) was the first child to wake, of course.  So I was thinking we would both shoot for a nice NAP today.  But by now I've had far too much coffee to ever actually sleep, anytime soon, so I'm typing, cleaning up, chasing the dog, forgetting what I was typing, reading blogs and then standing in my kitchen trying to remember what I was doing.  I'm moving, I feel busy but I haven't accomplished much.  I look much like this:

So I stopped, tried to stand still and check in here.  I read the comments for my last entry.  I had not yet made to Joshilyn Jackson's blog this morning but Tracy had!  I was so excited to see her comment (thank you, Tracy!) and hopped right on over to FTK.  There is my name, right there on her blog!  You can go see it--under "Winners and a whiner!"  (I often fall into the latter category but today I fit in both!) Thank you to you all! (If it weren't for my readers here, I'd have no reason to link to her.)  I can't wait to read American Rose!  (OK, one more thing to "fit in" but it'll be worth it.  Look for a review here, soon!)


Jen McConnel said...

Congrats! I can't wait to hear about it!

Your high powered Monday puts me to shame. I'm on break from school, and I sort of just woke up...time to get moving!

Let me know when you have breathing time, and I'll email you a YA draft.

jocelyn said...

Yay!! I'm glad you won :) Mondays are usually good here (hard to get up, but usually pretty productive). I hope your day settles down, stop drinking so much coffee!!! :)

LoryKC said...

Email! Go for it! I promise to sit down long enough to read it!
Maybe I'll get mine in some sort of coherent shape and get it to you. (If it were a person, it would have bedhead, two mismatched socks and a shirt that is buttoned wrong but it is technically "dressed.") ;)

Thanks! Can't stop drinking coffee! Can't stop! Might sit still and never get back up! Tomorrow. After all,tomorrow is another day!

Caryn said...

Congrats on winning! I'm so not an early bird, so I totally understand your reluctance to get up early.

By the way, that is SUCH a cool picture!