Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow days

You have seen the storm rolling across the nation.  You can't see my state on the radar right now but we're still here, under that blanket of clouds, just like most of you.
In anticipation of the storm, my husband emailed me from work Monday, asking if we had all of the necessary supplies.  "Yes," I replied.  "We have plenty of wine and printer ink.  Oh, but we need milk." :)

We attempted to get my daughter to gymnastics as the edge of the storm rolled in and we never made it to Taekwondo but we stopped, on the way home, for the rest of the kids' essentials:  junk food.

So we're set.  I was grumpy, yesterday, as I'd planned to get much writing and reading done while I was "stuck" at home.  Unfortunately, with three wild kids who were also home, and who riled to dog up, too, I didn't accomplish much but cooking.  (I had the oven and the stove and the slow cooker going!)
Today the BIG snowflakes have arrived and are falling.  I gave up on being productive and made chocolate chip pancakes for the kids.  So now, they are building a fort, the dog is napping and I just might get something accomplished, after all! 


Jen McConnel said...

Hope the storm is good for your creativity! I'm supposed to be in the midwest right now, visiting one of my best flight was bumped twice already, and now I'll try to fly tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

LoryKC said...

If your friend is having weather anything like we are, be glad your flight was bumped. You probably could not get from the airport to her house! (The wind gusts are blowing the snow in every direction--can't see far at all).
Should calm down by tomorrow. Good luck!