Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is it Monday, yet?

You can have Friday.  I'm ready for Monday!

I spent last weekend assisting with two science projects.  It's been a busier week after school this week.  My son has been in basketball practice on Saturdays but they just began having games against other teams, recently.  One Monday night, one Tuesday night and now, one that was canceled during The Storm last week has been rescheduled for tonight.  I'm driving three additional teammates, so after dropping my daughter off at gymnastics, we might dash home for bathroom breaks and let them change before the hour drive to the away-game tonight.

At least the three-year-old is taking a nap today! ;)

This Saturday features a science fair, a birthday party and perhaps getting my daughter to gymnastics to watch her friends compete.  She competes on Sunday, after which I am scheduled to work the next competition while she watches more friends.

Writing?  Reading?  Yep.  Promised I'd get that draft sent out today.  (It's still officially "today" until Monday, right?) ;)
Update: the boys lost the game so they played well but made for a grumpy ride home.  It's all good.  All kids are in bed and I have wine.  ;)

Happy Friday!

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