Friday, October 07, 2011

Olly olly oxen free!

My three-year-old still puts his hands over his eyes so that you cannot see him. He puts his head under pillows and, every Tuesday and Thursday, puts his head inside the back of my shirt as he walks into preschool.  (I have to spin rather quickly to "find" him!)  His actions are cute but not are not effective means of hiding.

I started this blog under a pseudo-anonymous name.  I thought if it didn't turn out too well, or if I posted something I shouldn't have, only a handful of people would really know it was me.  Over the years, I've shared the link in a few places so now it comes up as soon as you Google my name.  This was not an effective way to hide.

I say I need a critique group but I don't do the work to find one or start one.  It has been so long now--I hate to admit to anyone how long it's been since I have participated in such a group but waiting a little longer is not an effective solution.

Earlier this week, I impulsively commented on a facebook post from a local bookstore.  This store happens to be my new favorite place to sit and write.  I love going on Thursday mornings and often have the place to myself!  (As a writer, the peace and quiet amidst shelves of books is perfect; as a mom, the peace and quiet is priceless!)  Another writer was enjoying the space yesterday but posted on the site that she would love for other writers to join her.  I spoke up--on facebook--using my real name.


Jen McConnel said...

Go you! Fall is the perfect time for acts of bravery! :)

LoryKC said...

Must be! I dislike running. (I do it but I don't like it and try not to do it in front of others, especially others with timers). But for the kids' school I ran a 5K today. I finished and was not last so I'm calling that a win. ;)
(Unfortunately, my next planned act of bravery was trying a new yoga class this morning--I've never tried that in front of others, either--just the tv in the living room--but missed the yoga class. Maybe next week...)

jocelynka said...

Good for you :) The writing, the bravery, and running the 5K :) I exercised last week by riding my bike, I figure that should last me a few more months (maybe years) :)

Tracy said...

Good for you! After 5 years of thinking about doing so, I put out an invite to some local writers I know suggesting a monthly gathering. We've got about 7 participating now and it's been so much fun. Got my creative wheels turning and pushing myself to try some new things with fiction again. Writers tend to be loners, but the company of other writers is good for the muse, as well.

Anonymous said...

Great post, keep blogging! :)

Tiago Couto