Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

I love American history.  I am intrigued by World history.  I am amused by my personal history.

I was the geek who truly enjoyed learning about our country's history in school.  My kids believe it is dull so I try to explain a different way of looking at history.  For example, I wonder what Paul Revere's horse looked like.  (That one is guaranteed to make my son roll his eyes!)  I remind them that "those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it."  (Have you ever looked at the causes of the Boston Massacre?  My son just studied it and I mentioned that he could find some eerily similar news stories today.)

My daughter is home sick and is worried about missing the review for her Social Studies test.  THIS I can help her with!!  (Unlike her 8th grade math homework last night that kicked my butt!)

World War II and U.S. Civil War stories enthrall me.  (And yet the WIP I can't quit is based at the onset of World War I--which gives me an excuse to learn new, true stories!)

As for "those who do not know their history:" I am old enough to look back now and see the patterns I have followed for the past few decades and recognize my default settings.  ("Finding yourself" isn't so great when you aren't impressed with who you find!)

Musical history!   From classical composers to classic rock--what's not to love?  The History of Jazz and musical history courses were some of my favorites in college.  My first work-study job in college was working for a music professor compiling tapes (yes, cassettes) for her courses and proofreading a book that she had written!  (Excellent early experience for a budding writer but I willingly asked to be assigned to a different job sophmore year--part of that whole personal history pattern where I don't recognize stupid mistakes until much, much later!)

Music is great for time travel.  One song can transport you back to an exact time and place.  You remember where you were, who you were with when that song was playing.   When the trip down memory lane becomes music trivia or "history" however, it is my turn to roll my eyes.  I know exactly where I was and how old I was when I used to listen to "The Joshua Tree" with my friends.  I did NOT need the perky DJ to tell me yesterday that the album is now 25 years old.  Nor did I appreciate it this morning when another DJ announced that "I Melt With You by Modern English is 30 years old this year!"  I much prefer my alternate version of history, in which these songs came out yesterday.


Jen McConnel said...

It's perfectly acceptable to have an alternate version of history! :)

LoryKC said...

: )

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