Friday, April 27, 2012

Run for your life!

I am standing in my kitchen, telling myself it is time to exercise.  It is time for all of us to exercise.  (Not you--everyone in my kitchen.)  I need to go for a run with the dog and the 4-year-old needs to run outside.

We should have gone earlier but my son requested pancakes and I made them.  Far too many of them.  I am hungry and if I do not go run soon, I will eat them.  But instead, I am standing at my computer, reading this true, real, fascinating article.  Before I can finish the article, I see the grin on my 4-year-old's face.  The grin with an index finger in the middle of it.  The grinning child with the finger in his mouth is standing in the kitchen, trying to block my view of the tub of margarine with a 4-year-old-finger-sized canal running through it.

He's sneaky but he's honest.  "I ate butter.  I like to eat butter."

Sigh.  It's time for a run.


Jen McConnel said...

Sigh. It's all fodder for the writing!

Caryn Caldwell said... Unfortunately, you're right. I DO need to exercise.

Oh, yes. And the butter! My daughter LOVES butter. If we put butter on something, she'll scratch it all off and then ask for more butter. Hmm. Maybe she could use a nice run outside, too...

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Ed Vogue said...

Really appreciate this post. I used to run and then I stopped got out of shape and have found things to put off running for two years!