Sunday, October 29, 2006

A doctor's son, indeed

C's question for months has been "how do you see in Heaven?" While it's a tough idea for me to understand, C seems to grasp that your body stays here when you die and your spirit goes to Heaven (let's hope)! He's been trying to understand how you can see your family in Heaven--and see God!--if your eyes are still down here.

The latest question--at least every other night--has been: "Who made God?"
My answer--"God did," is hard enough when you're 36--so apparently I have not entirely convinced my 5-year-old.

The conversation last night went like this:
C: "I know your body doesn't go to Heaven when you die but does your heart go up to Heaven?"

The hubbie did not miss a beat. "Sure, son! Your heart is part of your soul, so it goes to Heaven."

C nodded, thought for a moment, then asked: "What about your bloodstream?"

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