Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Answered prayers

Our kids have asked and prayed for another sibling for quite a while now, so they feel that God has finally answered their prayers! It has been very cute. We told the kids Sunday and for the rest of the day, C kept pinching himself--because he thought he was dreaming!

Sunday night, when she should have been reading, N wrote us a letter instead. (This followed a discussion about how you make a baby! While I don't mind giving my daughter accurate facts--I do mind getting into too much detail with an 8-year-old when it's already past bedtime. So I told her it takes a Mommy and Daddy that love each other very much to make a baby.)
To: Mommy: Thank You
Thank you Mommy for loving Daddy so much that we get a new member of
the family! And that you will soon bring a new baby girl or boy into the
World. And that we will have someone else to play tickle and care for.

Love: N and C, your loving children

I took their full names out but otherwise--that's it, verbatim. I think she meant to play with and tickle--but play tickle works, too! I thanked her for the kind letter and asked her to please go to sleep.

A little later, C called to tell us that "N needed us!" He claimed it was an emergency--knowing that'd be my next question--so up I went. The urgent need was for a performance. N had now written a song that she and C HAD to sing to me. She let me keep her lyrics:

To: Mommy and Daddy: Song
Thank you so much Mommy and Daddy
for giving us a new baby sister or brother!
It is a miricle we have been praying for
for a very long time!
Now we finaly have a baby sister or brother
hopefully it is a girl because we both want it to be a girl
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you so much!
Then End
from: N and C and our new little sister or brother
P.S. hopefully it is a girl sister

I think I will laminate these. I can imagine many occasions when it will be useful to pull them out over the coming years!


Jocelynka said...

How sweet were they??? Now, what happens if it's not a sister? It would be kind of interesting if it's not and it is a boy. The numbers would even out 6 and 6. I will take either a niece or a nephew, I'm not going to be picky :)

sweetviolet said...

eep! i've not been keeping up. i'm thrilled for you.

LoryKC said...

They are sweet. We'll see how it goes! The numbers would actually even out on both sides 6-6 on ours, and 5 of each on the other side of the family!

Thanks! You're up to speed now! I don't think we should have any more major announcements in the immediate future! ;)
I haven't been keeping up either! I'll have to stop over and see how your bundles of joy are doing!

Nancy said...

I am soooo happy for you. Life just keeps giving us good news. Hopw you are feeling all right. Dont lift any heavy boxes. Wow, new house, new town, new job and new baby. Quite a thrill ride. I am happy to be included in the good news. Aunt N

LoryKC said...

Aunt N,
Thanks! 2007 will be a memorable year, for sure!

Global Greenscape said...

Are you sure it's just one? How about getting everyone caught up on being maternally aged?

LoryKC said...

I am not sure of anything but I am trying not to go there!
(Though the fact that I cannot button my jeans at this early stage is not a good sign!)
As for the catchy maternally aged label, let's not go there, either. (I'm so glad you all find that amusing!)

Margaret said...

That's wonderful news! Congratulations.

No puppy now I assume. Hehehehe.

I had 9 puppies born 3 days before I went in the hospital to have Katie. The first 2 months here were ... let's say interesting. =O)

Best wishes and prayers.