Sunday, March 04, 2007


The sign is still in the yard. We have had three people come to see the house--one couple visited both yesterday and again today. It's a positive sign but no more news on that front yet.

As for other news, I was going to offer a few possibilities, maybe drag it out just a little...but some of you are just too smart for that! So thank you all for returning for the update...
YES! Becky is our lucky guesser! (I'd say winner but sadly, I have no prize.)

It is early--I shouldn't be telling you yet--but I started the guessing game in the last post! We are expecting baby #3!


kacey said...

Well congrats!! Kids are SUCH fun. Well, at least when they aren't driving you crazy...but then they're kind of fun then too... *g

Rene said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA....please, let me pick myself up off the floor from laughing. Three kids...are you NUTS? Having three kids is sooooo different from having two.

In all seriousness, congratulations. I'm sure this baby will be a mellow little angel *snort*

Tracy said...

Congratulations! Three is a good number. I'm rather partial to three. As for the sign in your yard... I'm feeling rather bummed that I will be having to remove you from my KS writer category... which is completely silly because this blog will be as handy as it is now no matter where you are coming from. I wish you ease and joy in your move and look forward to hearing about your continued journey... (with baby & with writing!)

Laurie said...


LoryKC said...

Thanks! They're never boring!
They are indeed fun--most of the time! ;)

Nuts, careless, deluded--pick the work you like--they all apply!
I appreciate the honesty--people tell us that once you have more than 2, it doesn't matter if you have 3 or 10--but obviously the point is that it's with that 3rd that everything changes!

Thanks! ...and baby makes three takes on a new meaning! It will be fun. We're still,uh...adjusting... but it's all good!
I'll try to keep the blog looking the same for a while--you can just add a link for Indiana writers! ;)

Thanks! Life is getting wild after Mardi Gras this year!

Global Greenscape said...

Why does Becky get the prize? Didn't I call it right from the get go? Don't you remember how H told you I ran in and told her? How bet some cred?

You know I have three myself and could see it coming a mile away.