Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I won't be needing Faith

I thought it would make a good baby name but that just would not be fair to a boy!


jocelynka said...

I think you are right! :) Boys names are sometimes harder than girls, sometimes anyway. Good luck with the name game. If it helps, you can pick something from the few letters we haven't used yet! I'm sure whatever you decide, HE will be happy with it. :)

Tracy said...

So it's a boy?!?! Congrats!

Rene said...

How about Fido? Guess that wouldn't go over to well would it? LOL. Congratualtions.

LoryKC said...

Thanks! He may not be happy with it--N still wishes we'd picked another name--but we can pick something better for him to be stuck with!

It is (as far as we can tell)! Thanks! ;)

LOL! We do have a family member who refers to his son as "Spot!"
We might just keep working on the list, though!

sweetviolet said...

if we have another boy, i want to name him jane. so little would throw me.

congratulations. little boys are so sweet!

sweetviolet said...

This site made me think of you.

ablondeblogger said...

Awww! You're having a boy?

They told us our third child was a boy and we named her Daniel. And we were even calling her that on her way out into the world. Big shocker! LOL!

LoryKC said...

LOL! It'd be unique!

Thanks for the new site--I only checked it out briefly but I will certainly go back! Thanks!

That's what they tell me. The hubbie did suggest Gabriel--that'd be easy to change to Gabrielle at the last minute! ;)

Kellie said...

BOY! (What's that???? LOL!!!) We have a boy name we never used if you'd like it. We just didn't think any of our girls would appreciate "Jacob." Congrats!!!

LoryKC said...

Jacob is on our list, actually! Thanks!