Saturday, May 05, 2007

The state we live in--Part Two

We live in the state of Kansas. While many people's perceptions of Kansas as a large prairie constantly threatened by tornadoes comes from L. Frank Baum, reality can be more threatening than fiction at times.

Last night, a tornado lifted not just one house but many. The entire town of Greensburg, Kansas was almost lifted after a monster tornado raged through last night.

We are just to the right of the purple covering the middle of Kansas. I am not overly concerned about our safety; we have a basement and a few cases of fresh water down there along with plenty of toys, coloring books and games. In light of recent events however, I have moved some candles down there as well and am paying a little more attention to weather forecasts today.
UPDATE: We're still fine but the rains were heavy again last night. The basement is flooded. No posts today--I'm going to finish bailing water...


jocelynka said...

I'm glad you all are ok.

Nancy said...

I am glad you and the family are all right also. Do not lift too much water. maybe a siphon hose? Aunt N

LoryKC said...

The basement only had about an inch of water--but it was over the entire basement. The ground was so saturated after the heavy rains that the water was coming up through the seams in the basement floor.
The hubbie and I were down there with wet vacs and mops most of the day but finally took a break when we realized that though we were cleaning up gallons of water, it was still coming up through the floor. After hours of work, it only took a half hour for it to look like we'd done nothing!
It did not rain yesterday so the leaking is slowing.
It will be a much cleaner basement when this is over! ;)