Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh, Baby!

As you can see from the baby ticker above, it won't be too much longer until this little guy arrives! I feel like we're almost starting all over again--partly because there will be a six-year age difference between my youngest and this baby and also because we've given away all of our "baby stuff."

I am sure that there were plenty of options out there 9 years ago when I had my daughter but I did not shop much online then. I tried to search for bassinets and cradles this week and can't believe how many choices there are!

I had a bassinet that I used for my other two. It worked fine but I recall thinking that if I could just rock it a little that I might have been able to get them back to sleep a few times without having to take them out right away, etc. So I'm thinking a cradle might be the way to go this time around. Then again, with two older siblings in school (and I'm sure we'll be into some other activities soon), this kid will likely be toted around so often that he'll get plenty of motion! (With my oldest, I'd come up with excuses to put her in the car--that would always settle her. I'm thinking it won't be tough to come with a reason to get this kid on the road!)


jocelynka said...

There are a ton of options out there, good luck shopping. It's also interesting what you can find when you go to the stores, versus online. I remember how many things had changed between M & R, and that wasn't too much time. We weren't able to find the travel bottles anywhere, but we could find them online. I have clothes and some other items still for you. Maybe we can make a trip over soon to deliver those and to see you all.

Kellie said...

I had a cradle with my first and a stationary bassinet with the next two. My second and third were much better sleepers than the first. The cradle moved every time she moved...sometimes waking her up and scaring me to death. If you get a cradle make sure theres a way to make it stationary when you don't want it to move.

Also, check ebay. You can get almost anything you're looking for often at a better or used.

LoryKC said...

Thanks for the advice!
Joey--you're welcome whenever!
Kellie--hmmmm--I appreciate the input. My 2nd was a much better sleeper than my 1st but they both had the bassinet--but if I get the cradle with "brakes" maybe I'll have the best of both worlds!?

chosha said...

At least this time around you are shopping with the benefit of previous experience. Have fun!