Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuned in?

OK--between getting two kids to school on time, finishing up various details around the house to make it look like we've settled in and the various errands that are involved with "life"--I do a fair amount of running around. So when I do sit still, the little bean inside decides it is his time to do aerobics. We both have gotten accustomed to the routine.

If I am more active than usual on a given day, he'll go ahead and kick a few times while I'm moving, too but for the most part, he waits for me to sit or lie down. I get a few jabs while I'm driving--sometimes more if the music is loud. ;)

Today I got the kids to school on time and stayed for Mass. A kick here and there but not much. I talked with another mom in the parking lot for a few minutes afterwards but was not interrupted. Once I got in and started the car, Born to be Wild began blaring from the radio. Bean started kicking immediately and danced around for the entirety of the song.

This can't be a good sign!


jocelynka said... either will have a wild child, or maybe he was just dancing since he had been so still the rest of the day. I remember M kicking during spelling tests, but that was the only time during the school day. R was as soon as I finished dinner, but didn't stop until it was time to go to sleep. Good luck!

Tracy said...

Funny. I remember having a similar experience with munchkin #2 when Super Freak was playing at a friends house. She just started bouncing and tap dancing away. I had no idea if I was having a girl or a boy, but her enthusiasm for the song kind of scared me. I just prayed that it wasn't some sort of sign.

LoryKC said...

Yours stopped when it was time to go to sleep?! That's when mine go for the full-out aerobic routines!

Exactly--I don't mind the "dancing" but the song choice has me concerned! ;)