Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Proud Mama?

You've seen those guys at football games (or maybe you are one). The ones without a shirt--letters painted on their torsos--performing for the television cameras. I've often wondered--especially when it's snowing--who does that? My husband has commented, "their parents must be so proud!"

We may get our chance to find out one day. I had a preview the other afternoon.

Coming home from the pool, I told my son he did not have to put his shirt back on. He sat on his towel and buckled in. By the time we got home, he had not only found the pen in the backseat but had drawn a complete face on his torso. The shapes were mostly triangular--he resembled a walking jack-o-lantern. He bounced out of the car, pushing the sides of his abdomen together and made his belly-button "speak" to me.

Pride was not my initial emotion.


jocelynka said...

C is so creative! :) My older son just kept saying "he was freezing!" when I let him ride home without his shirt on after swimming lessons. He wouldn't have thought to have drawn on himself. I guess you should tag along with him when he's a teenager or a college student to make sure he's not part of the "letter gang" or at our old HS, they were "the Naked Raiders"

LoryKC said...

Sorry M was so cold in sunny FL! ;)
I won't have to stick with C as gets older--I'll just pop in unexpectedly at events--he'll be easy to spot!