Friday, September 12, 2008

The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

Joshilyn Jackson's latest book takes place in Florida. 

Her first two novels put you in the South.  I grew up in Florida and went to college in New Orleans and her books captured much of the essence of what I like to remember as "home."  I was excited to learn that her latest book took place in Florida but I did not get as nostalgic with this one.  

While she included some references to the sandy soil (which differs, apparently, from the actual dirt next door in Alabama) much of this novel takes place in Anywhere, USA.  Which is actually closer to where I really grew up--and where I live, now.  

Ms. Jackson has a talent for creating memorable characters and locales.  Her details put you right into the story.   I was sure I had the "whodunit" part figured out this time--and was wrong again!  It was worth the read--I just didn't feel like to I got to escape to the South this time.  I felt like it could have taken place here--in my current home.  (Although I do not have a pool, nor a dead girl floating in one.)


Tracy said...

Whew! Glad you are minus the pool with the dead girl. I really liked the relationship between the sisters in this one... that person you love and love to hate all the same time. I am a big fan of Jackson - just wish she'd write a little faster! LOL.

LoryKC said...

It was another great book. She did a great job with the sisters, I agree! I liked the relationship--or lack of one--with the mom, as well. Although now I'm embarrassed that I haven't read Watership Down, either!