Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still here

I am still here.

I was, and had nothing urgent to share.
Then, I wasn't here. The hubbie and I got a chance to go to Chicago for a conference (his) without the kids! My parents came and watched all three kids! I found so much inspiration in Chicago and was ready to write but had no time and did not bring the laptop. (I know--it wasn't my conference--so I should have had time but we got to meet up with great friends that we had not seen in two years, so, there you go.)

I have not forgotten my few, loyal readers! I have funny comments about the election, worrisome thoughts about the bailout, funny mass emails about both that I could share but I'll wait until I have something new to say.

How are you?

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jocelynka said...

I hope your trip was nice. I talked to Mom today and she said she had a great time with the kiddos. Things here are good...busy, but good. I can't wait to hear your comments on the election, the bailout and anything else that is funny :)