Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take a hike, Ike!

Pick a place a hurricane can strike and I probably have relatives, friends or both living nearby. A week ago, I was worried that Ike would slam into my parents. It is going far away from them now--right towards my husband's family and my friends in Houston.

My daughter has, up to now, been relieved that hurricanes don't hit Indiana! We received some thunderstorms left over from Gustav however, and Ike looks like he's trying to swing on up here, as best as he can!

It looks like a good weekend to visit Kansas. Or Canada.

I don't know if many of my friends in Houston read this blog but B ~ I know you do. Post a comment when it's all over and you have power to let me know y'all are OK, please!


aaron said...

I hope everyone pulled through ok.

FWIW, I tried e-mailing you this morning and it bounced. If you get a chance, please drop a line so I have your correct e-mail (or get a gmail account, so you don't have to keep updating your e-mail addresses. ;) )

LoryKC said...

Thanks--I hope so. Haven't spoken with anyone in that area yet.
I just sent you an email. Sorry about that!

(For anyone else who can't email me anymore--the first part of my email is the same but it is now at