Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's cool, man!

My windows are open! This morning's rain has stopped for now but the clouds are still here and the COOL breeze is blowing!

It's been so hot this week that I dreaded taking out the trash or even checking the mail. For the past day or two, I trying to figure just how much more expensive it would be to lower the air conditioning. We kept all the fans going and the AC was on 76. While that might still seem high, it was 30 degrees cooler in here than it was outside! I didn’t want to over-tax the AC as I KNEW we would not make it if that quit! The kids were like little jumping beans and I barked at them each time they treated the furniture like playground equipment. (Beans, having no ears, cannot hear a mother’s admonitions so my yelling just gave me a sore throat). Of course they had energy to burn but not one of us wanted to venture outside unless it was to get into the air-conditioned car.

It is 70 degrees today. Yes, I got drenched this morning taking them to “Summer Fun Days” at the Methodist church and that is OK! (They had rain coats and umbrellas and Christian’s arm was wrapped in plastic but I did not think to waterproof myself). This way I still got a shower this morning! It gave me a reason to turn OFF the A/C in the car!

You may have read my previous posts about sun worship. (I’m paying for that now too, I’m afraid, but that is an entirely different story!) I love the sun. Back in the Northwest, I missed and craved the sun. Yet today is a glorious day! I have never been so happy to not see the sun in my life!

I hope that a cool breeze blows your way today as well! Have a great day!

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aaron said...

We're getting the heatwave here right now (upper 90s starting yesterday), but fortunately it should end tomorrow evening. Glad to hear yours has ended, and hope it doesn't start up again any time soon.