Sunday, July 10, 2005


I am tan.
I know what you are thinking.
Don’t I have better things to occupy my time? Sure.
Do I know that by not armoring myself against the harmful UV rays that bombard us all, I am incurring the risk of skin cancer? Of course. I am blonde but I am not an idiot, though I may look like one to you.
I am setting a bad example for my children. This is true.. I do sunscreen them often (they must do as I say, not as I do) but my daughter has finally caught on to the disparate routines.
So why do it? It makes me feel better. I like the feel of warm (OK, HOT!) sun beating on my bare skin. (Not completely bare, of course, there are children present but I do try to eliminate strap marks whenever possible). For the same reason that a hot bath feels good, when I do have a chance to actually lie in the sun for a few moments, the heat relaxes the muscles. That does not happen often anymore and on those rare occasions that I do lie down, it is for a brief time. Again, there are children present. Relaxing in the sun is not a priority for a four-year-old. (Relaxing is not a priority for a four-year-old!) After playing with the kids in the sun, we all need the bath too so I fit a little more relaxation in when I finally get my turn in the bathtub.
Is some of your color the result of participating in summer sports? I need to work on this one. If I start running outside again, then I could get rid of the excess pounds AND be tan! There is a slight chance that my priorities are not quite in line when I cannot stand the sight of my white flabby thighs in shorts but tan flabby thighs are OK!
Do the neighbors mind seeing you mow the grass in a bathing suit? Probably. I wear shorts too but it still can’t be a very pleasant sight. (See prior comment regarding the thighs.)
Is it sun worship? Yes. I know the Bible tells me I must not worship false gods or idols. However, this is a star. God designed the solar system in such a way that we spend our lives revolving around this bright star. Will He really mind if I admire it?
I am thirty-five years old and have finally realized that the world does not revolve around me. It revolves around the sun. So if I spend time with the sun, absorb the sun, be the sun…maybe I can re-direct the world!
I know what you are thinking and I do not care. I am tan.

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