Monday, July 18, 2005

Stripping all weekend

I spent the weekend stripping the wallpaper from a small bathroom. For all of you out there who have actually taken this stuff down from a room of any considerable size, my hat is off to you (along with my jewelry, a layer of skin and my sanity)!
It’s off to bed now! A little hard work never hurt anyone but a weekend of it wears you out a bit!
I did try to think of it as my own “quiet time” without munchkins but then my helper arrived!
Ah, well. If I just spend a few minutes each day this week finishing up in there, scrubbing bits of glue off of the wall, etc. we should be ready to paint next weekend. Whoopee.
I kept thinking that I’d get a little more writing done this summer without school schedules. Now I’m looking forward to school starting again (my youngest will start preschool in a month) so I can catch up on the stuff I was going to get done this summer.At least when I get to shower, it will be a new, pretty bathroom!

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kacey said...

stripping wallpaper. Ugh. I once stripped an entire kitchen and breakfast room. ARGH. From now on it's painted rooms only for me!