Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Fellow Floridians

Despite my ramblings about tans and sunshine, we are keeping a close watch on the weather and Dennis. While I can comfort my daughter with promises that a hurricane will not likely be much of a threat here in Kansas, I remember the real fear and wonder that those storms brought to my own childhood in Florida.
I am glad that Dennis steered clear of Jacksonville and New Orleans but we will try to touch base with our family in Pensacola soon! (I know you have more pressing things to do than check my blog for long-winded musings but I hope that you soon have the power (as in electricity) to do so.)
We hope you all are doing well.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the words of encourgagement. It is really HOT without airconditioning. The power resumed on Wednesday afternoon. Three days without power. Better than after Ivan. That was 13 days!!. Starting to get back to somewhat normal this week. Love, Aunt Nancy