Friday, December 01, 2006

I gave it a shot

I have always gotten more done when a deadline is fast approaching. Some of my best papers in college were written hours before they were due. That's my story, anyway and I'm sticking to it.

So it's no wonder that I wrote many more words today than I've written all month.
There were several days this month when I wrote no words at all. Seeing how many I really CAN write in between laundry, dishes, picking kids up, etc. has at least taught me an important lesson. While I always have plenty of excuses, if I just park myself in the chair, I CAN write. In fact, I learned today that I can watch my son at Taekwondo while fingers are flying on a laptop...who knew? I wrote 3 pages in 20 minutes. Who woulda thunk it?

Unfortunately, it's a lesson I've learned a little too late. There are twenty-seven minutes left before the Nano deadline--and I still have 12, 527 words to finish to "win." So I will not have a pretty icon to post and show you that I can do it.

But I will do it. I will pick a new date and stick to it and have the book done. I will even post excerpts for all to read. But not tonight. Of the 37,473 words you see over there to the left---over 9,000 were written today! If only I had started off that way...

Oh, well. Congratulations to all of you out there that finished in time and won!!! Good for you! I am impressed and hope to join you in the winner's circle next year!

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