Friday, December 22, 2006

Personal apologies

For my readers who also know my last name and are expecting Christmas cards from me: SURPRISE! They won't get to you by tomorrow. (I know, that is not a surprise).

Further apologies--you won't get a card. After spending most of this week trying various ways to create beautiful, creative cards -- I can't get them to print right. Even my attempts to print the perfect photo to send with a card met with no success. I do at this time every year...I give up. I cut and paste our photo on a Christmas letter and print that instead. However, at least in years past, I have purchased cards and slip the letter inside. I have not made it that far this year.

You will get a Christmas letter from us this year. At least, I hope it gets to you this year!


Rene said...

Hubby and I mailed our Christmas cards yesterday. Luckily, I think everyone on our list is within a 40 mile radius, so they'll probably get their cards today. But we have so many (dh's clients) I did the tacky thing and made a label with our names and greeting. I'm not into Christmas cards myself.

Margaret said...

You could post a photo Christmas Card Blog and that will do just fine I'm sure.

We only sent 8 cards out this year and 3 presents of Homemade ornaments in cookie tins. It's a tough year for us but to be honest, it feels like this is going to be the most warm and memorable of all. =O)

Anonymous said...

Honey, I got your card on the 26th, and it's beautiful!! And since I'm lazy, and only send a picture/card with our names already imprinted, you're a huge improvement over us! Personally, I love getting "newsletters", I just don't like writing them! Happy New Year! Becky

LoryKC said...

Congrats on getting the cards out! Our names were included with the letter that I printed off--so they weren't any more personal than labels. You spent the time to adhere each label to the card! I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

What a fantastic idea! Look for a Christmas card blog from me next year! ;)
I hope you all had a special Christmas!

Lazy? Hardly! Your card is the first one we get--you're on the ball! Thank you for the beautiful picture of your children--they are growing up so fast! Happy New Year!