Tuesday, December 19, 2006

13 years

Thirteen may sound like an unlucky number but I don't know another way to get to fourteen!
(Our 13th wedding anniversary was officially yesterday but I'm always a bit behind...)
Happy (Belated) Anniversary, Sweetie!
13 Numbers Detailing 13 Years...
and only 1 Day Late!
17 years ago we had a 12 hour date and soon we were not dating anyone else.
16 years ago, I suggested that we could get married and you did not quite agree.
(It was not the enthusiastic response I was looking for.)
14.5 years ago you asked me to marry you and I agreed—though it was still a less enthusiastic response than you were hoping for!
13 years ago we got married.
12 years ago I suggested that we should not stay married but you did not quite agree. We made it through that and 10 years ago we talked about starting a family.
9 years ago we actually did and 8.5 years ago, our first child was born!
2.5 years later (almost 6 years ago) our second child was born!
Lately, I have suggested adding a 3rd child to our family but you do not quite agree.
We have a wonderful, loving family of 4 and life is good! I hope you agree!


Rene said...

Oh, that was so sweet. I love it.

jocelynka said...

Happy Anniversary (a couple days late)

aaron said...

Happy Anniversary Lory and T (not sure if you ever use his name on the blog).

LoryKC said...

Thanks! If I could just do something sweet on time--I'd be all set! ;)

Thanks! (As you can see, I'm still late, too!)

(I haven't purposely included his name but I'm sure I've slipped up somewhere!)
In any case, thanks! I am so glad you were there to witness the event in person! (I'm sorry again that I did not make it to yours!)

LoryKC said...

I know you made it to the wedding, too, but you are related--you had no choice! ;)
Thanks again!

Nancy said...

13 was my best year. Hope it will be yours. Love, Aunt N

Margaret said...

#3 is fun or maybe you can talk him into a puppy? LOL! We're trying for #2. Keeping our fingers crossed. Happy "belated" anniversary.

LoryKC said...

So far...so good! Thanks!

That's his response each time--"how about I get you a puppy?"
Great minds think alike, I guess! ;)