Monday, December 04, 2006

A marketer's dream

My son, of course, wants every toy advertised during his favorite cartoons on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, etc.

When "grown-up" items are advertised--he wants them, too--for me. I hear "You should get that, Mom!" every time new cookware, laundry detergent or other helpful cleaning product is advertised.

I was afraid he thought I was a poor cook or his shirts weren't clean enough until yesterday. Sally Field was touting the benefits of Boniva and he voiced an even stronger plea: "You REALLY should get that, Mom!"

I'm just thankful that the ads for NuvaRing and male enhancement products usually air after bedtime.


Margaret said...

ROTFL!! Katie does this too! Every toy she wants, any cool video game she declares that Daddy wants. But Swiffer and Bisel Floor Cleaning commercials...

"Mommy wants!"

Something isn't working out quite fairly here.

Rene said...

The debt cosolidation ads always attract my son's attention. I remember the look on my dh's face when he mentioned to his dad.

For the most part, unless the commercial is specifically geared to them, they ignore it.

Faith said...

LOL, I hear the "you should get that, Mom" too!

LoryKC said...

Every kid knows moms hate fun!
(Maybe we are just too much fun already!) ;)

Rene, I will have to find a way to get them to ignore something (anything) on tv!
At least your kids are already trying to be fiscally responsible! ;)

Faith, thanks for stopping by my blog! Welcome!
At least they think of us, right? ;)

kacey said...

LOL, yes, get that Boniva *g Aren't kids fun???

LoryKC said...

NEVER a boring moment! ;)