Friday, September 21, 2007

I am an underachiever

Granted, I'm not functioning at 100% with this head cold. I made it to Mass with the kids today but was looking forward to a nap when I got home! Having just one sick child home all day yesterday tired me out!

Before napping however, I made a bowl of oatmeal and turned on the TODAY show. They were interviewing the Duggar family. The couple brought all of their seventeen children to the show. Not only do they have seventeen children--ranging in age from a few months to 19 years old--but they homeschool all of them as well.

Devastated by a miscarriage many years ago that the couple learned was related to a prior use of some form of birth control, they asked God to please bless them with children. Mrs. Dungar even said that she'd love to have more!

God bless 'em! (I'm still trying to convince the hubbie that we will be able to handle 3 kids! We can. I am not promising that we will also retain any form of sanity but I don't think that is necessarily a requirement for good parenting!)

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