Friday, September 28, 2007

Invasion of the Webkinz

My son saved enough money to buy a webkinz for himself so now he's hooked, just like his sister.

Although they have a computer for their use in the basement, now they want to borrow the laptop, too so they can invite each other to their "rooms."

When I explain that they each have their own rooms upstairs that they can invite each other too--they just roll their eyes. I should be happy to have quiet, contented kids who are playing "with" each other; I am disturbed however, that I have no computer access while they use TWO to play 10 feet from each other!

(These kids are never getting cell phones! I can already see them sitting at opposite ends of the couch, texting each other!)


Margaret said...

A customer of mine has a son who is nuts over these things. I'm not sure exactly how they work but he has an entire folder filled with his adopted "kinz". I'll have to check it out, for I think stuffed animals come along with it.

Cell phones, a friend bought her three teens cell phones where she can block or ok certain incoming or outgoing numbers. It also has a "walkie talkie" type of feature that they can use freely. (No minutes.) She likes it for on her family plan - she also gets to hear the "walkie talkie" parts.

Disney has a kid cell phone and plan that was pretty good. I'm surprised it wasn't selling as well as the others.

LoryKC said...

Yes--the webkinz are stuffed animals that you buy at various stores and they come with a "code" that allows you to play with them online. (Buy them a bed, furnish a house for them, chat online with other webkinz owners...)
Even if you never get online, the animals are pretty cute! ;) My daughter takes all of her kinz friends to bed with her to snuggle. She has not run out of room YET...