Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm not going to win the race!

I am still behind...at least on blogging! (...and exercising, and sleeping, and getting the baby's room set up--spent this morning trying to decide on a "theme" for the nursery!)

At least I'm getting caught up on laundry!


jocelynka said...

Don't worry about the sleeping and exercising bit. You will have plenty of exercise soon (running back and forth to get a diaper, bottle, diaper, change of clothes, etc.) As for the sleep, this is practice remember for when the baby arrives (a very cruel joke!). I hope we didn't put you behind on anything. Good luck with the nursery :)

LoryKC said...

You did not put us behind on anything--hope we did not get you sick! I thought we were over our mild colds by the time you got here but 3/4 of our family of 4 are sick today! That's the "fun" when school starts--always a plethora of new viruses running around!
N is home sick; C is mad because he has to go to school today but unfortunately--I'm sure he'll get "his turn" soon as he is the only healthy member of the family right now!

nomotherearth said...

We're still trying to get the Boy's "Big Boy" room in order - it's taking us weeks! I think it's because we're change-averse. It used to be our office / spare bedroom / 2nd TV room. Now it's where the Boy sleeps but we haven't managed to get the computer or TV out of there yet. Hopefully this weekend! I think the Boy is going to be mighty disappointed when he realizes that his new room doesn't actually include electronics...yikes.