Monday, September 10, 2007

Keeping up!

I guess we have not been keeping up with the latest trends. (Not that I'd advocate it, anyway.)

However, I thought my daughter was turned on to something new when her friend introduced her to Webkinz this weekend! Apparently, they're just new to us!

Up to now, my son has spent hours on video games and the computer and my daughter has just played along for a short while. Until she discovered Webkinz online!

When we moved here, I planned to share the laptop with the hubbie and let the kids use the PC in the basement. However, the PC is faster so I have not completely made the break. I may need to now as I had to quickly squeeze in my turn this weekend so she could get back and "do her jobs" online! If only I could get her to be so prompt with her real-life chores!


Kacey said...

sharing computers sucks. No matter how you try to do it, someone always wants you off the computer right when the words are flowing.

Kellie said...

kids around here are crazy for webkinz. buyer beware: your code expires in one year. one of M's friends has 24 webkinz. seems silly when you have to renew or buy new in a year.