Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Glamour is in the eye of the beholder

The woman who cut my hair yesterday asked if I worked before I had kids. I answered in the affirmative (without moving my head, of course) and went on to describe a few secretarial and administrative positions. I remarked, "nothing glamourous!"

Then I came home. I was actually happy to find that Sno-Bowl, unlike bleach and various other cleansers and toilet bowl cleaners, actually does remove hard-water stains from my toilet bowls! (Sno-Bowl was only 97 cents and actually advertised that it would remove the hard water stains but I thought I was too smart to fall for the hype on the label).

Then I did laundry and found several pairs of soiled underwear, stuck to the bottom of a hamper.

In the afternoon, I picked up the kids and my daughter--who had stayed up too late finishing a book the night before--burst into tears 4 separate times before 4:30pm.

We made it through homework, studying for quizzes, dinner and bedtime. As I sat down to read a children's book last night (to help quiz my daughter, who has been having trouble with reading comprehension quizzes), it occured to me that I was wrong.

I used to wear heels and makeup, drink coffee with adults and no matter how busy my day was, I could usually manage to still squeeze in a game of computer solitaire. My house was fairly neat (we weren't home a lot and we did not have much stuff) and I could go several DAYS without loading my washing machine. Ah, the glamorous life!

I was going to insert a link up there for "Sno-bol" from but felt I should add a warning here! When you pull up the product, it mentions a "high acid level" and adds that it "kills Gems!" (Take off that jewelry before scrubbing the pot!!!) ;)


jocelynka said...

Very true...glamourous life is different for all people. I wouldn't want the glamourous life of others. Sure, being a mom isn't very glamourous from the outside, but when else can you color, read, and play and get so much out of it! :) Forget the cleaning, cooking, nagging, and all the other unfun things that are also part of the job description. Just think, you are excited about Sno-Bowl right now, in a few weeks you will be so excited diapers and spit up :)

Margaret said...

I'll have to check into that. We have hard lime deposits on everything. Even my windows and windshield from the sprinkler. I've tried everything on it and besides using a pumice stone - there is no getting rid of it.