Monday, October 15, 2007


As I was finishing the book, preparing to put some new tactics to use, my daughter won the "virtue of the week" last week at school--for respect! My kids are pretty respectful out in the world already--what I really need is a book to help them remember to be more respectful at home! (Of course, the traits that really irk me --like sarcasm and the eye roll--are the ones she has learned here at home.)

Whether your children are the most or least respectful little people on the planet, Ms. Rigby's book offers some helpful, hopeful advice. Ms. Rigby offers suggestions similar to those I found in Sheperding a Child's Heart but her book is much easier to take. Check it out for yourself!

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Rene said...

My kids give me a lot of grief, but they are great for every other adult. They are very respectful of other adults. My one daughter is disrespectful of her soccer coach, but he set the tone, so I decided to stay out of that one. He created the situation, he needs to deal with it.