Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still hanging in there...

No--I can't blame my lapses in blogging on actually giving birth. The little bean is still hanging in there! Between making sure he has a clean outfit to wear home from the hospital, making sure that I have a clean outfit to wear home, homework and costumes and reports for the other two--I haven't had much creative energy left!

Yes, my children will be wearing store-bought costumes for Halloween once again this year!
How are you? Are you ready for Halloween?


MaryP said...

This will be the first year in which not one of my children will be going door-to-door for Hallowe'en. For a while there, Emma was talking about this being her last year -- and then she got invited to a party. At her (brand-new) boyfriend's house.

Hallowe'en has had a sea change at our house!

jocelynka said...

Not much longer to go :) I can't imagine getting ready for a new baby, along with halloween and reports...you've got to be tired! Don't feel bad about store-bought costumes. That is all my boys ever have (and I know how to sew!). I'm going to have Clark Kent/Superman and a Lion.

LoryKC said...

Wow! No more trick-or-treating and a new boyfriend all at the same time?
(At least your younger charges are still excited about dressing up!)

Hmmm...a nap does sound good!
My kids have only had store-bought costumes for Halloween as well. I know HOW to sew but enjoy it as much as putting the needle directly into my eye.
I did partially sew N's costume for her saint report--that was enough for this year!

Tracy said...

I have two kids costumed and the third is still working. Tonight I finally handed her $20 and told her to purchase what ever she wants. Anything above the $20 is her own money! I thought that would be the easy answer and now she's asking if she buys and pattern and material will I help her sew!!! What was I thinking?

I love Halloween though. It's probably my favorite holiday. My mom loved Halloween, too. Dressing up is always fun. I will be a sort of clown again this year.

LoryKC said...

At least you're 2/3 of the way done! ;)
Good luck with the last costume--does she have enough to buy the material and pattern and give you the $20--to pay for your work as seamstress? ;)