Monday, October 15, 2007

In other words

Bad spellers of the world--untie!

Take a break from your crossword puzzles to check a few other word-related posts today!

Margie has a great post on favorite sayings and Sweetviolet posted a link to an entertaining lecture from Erin McKean. (I used to take issue with words-that-are-not-real-words being in the dictionary--like "muggle." After listening to this talk however, I've decided I should be much more open-minded!)


taylor thorson said...

Hi. Taylor Thorson here. Came across your blog on the ophs website. How's the writing going? I've got two little girls of my own (20 mos and 1 month).

LoryKC said...

HI! The writing is going slowly but going. I need to get out of the house and away from internet access!
Wow! 20 mos and 1 mos! Congrats! (I hope you all get a chance to sleep once in a while!)

Maria said...

Hi Lory
Maria Antoniello, now Stewart, I also ran across your website on the OPHS website. I have enjoyed your blogs. I don't have any kids yet, been married now 4 years. I wanted to say hello, since it has been such a long time, since we talked or saw each other.

LoryKC said...

Hi!! It's great to hear from you!
I take my previous comment back--I can't get out of the house and away from internet access too much--I might miss reconnecting with other friends!!
I'm so glad both of you stopped by and left a comment! Take care!