Saturday, November 14, 2009

The 10K race

I am WAY behind on NaNo stats but at this point, I will be happy if I can hit 10,000 words tonight. It does pain me a little to type words that I know will be cut as soon as I get into edit mode. No time to think of that now, though! Nanowrimo is about pushing forth and writing 50,000 words. No one said that they had to be 50,000 golden words to "win!"

I hope the words are flowing for all of my other, crazy Nano buddies! For the rest of you (likely saner) people, I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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jocelyn said...

10,000 is a great goal. That would mean you are 1/5 of the way done right? :) As far as 50,000 golden words, you can always do what the students do. You can make it really, really, really, really fun, exciting, and wonderful. The End. :)