Friday, November 13, 2009

No excuses

The most wonderful hubby took the older two to the highschool football game tonight and the little guy is in bed, which means: I have TIME to work on my wordcount!
Middle son is bringing a friend home from the game to spend the night. I usually try to stay up until I think they are asleep (which may not take long tonight) but otherwise, means time to up the wordcount!
(I wanted to have his friend over tomorrow night as my daughter has been invited to a sleep over tomorrow night but the friend really wanted to come tonight. Which works out better, now that I think about it. C will be so tired by tomorrow night that by the time we get N off to her sleepover, he may be ready for bed, himself! The little guy certainly will so there may yet be time to up the wordcount!)

Most wonderful hubby is then taking older two to a concert on Monday night. (Yes, it is a school night. Yes, they will be wiped out. The important thing here is that the little guy will go to bed, they will be gone and I will have another chance to seriously up the word count!)

Now I just have to stop blogging and...up the other word count.

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LoryKC said...

Not only am I feverishly writing without editing on the NaNo novel, I seem to have missed quite a bit here, too.
Please excuse the rambling...