Monday, November 09, 2009

The quest for the matching sock

New kids book idea:
I just have to come up with a story where a Young Indiana Jones-type kid battles seemingly insurmountable mountains of laundry, searches an 8-year-old's room for one small piece of a uniform that is the key to unlocking an even great mystery.

Perhaps there is cute, pre-teen, unknown vampire out there who is truly good and wants to protect a young girl who has found the secret to defeating evil, dirty dishes.

(No need to develop either idea into a video game. They would absolutely, virtually fold laundry but would never come upstairs to find two matching socks!)


jocelyn said...

That sounds like a very realistic, but yet also very ficitional story idea. It sounds like you have 2 great characters in mind already :)

LoryKC said...

Thanks. First, I need to be able to proofread/edit my own blog before pitching a book idea.