Monday, November 02, 2009

Running behind

I am always late and/or rushing. So it should come as no surprise that I am already behind on my Nano progress. November 1st marks the beginning of Nano and is also my youngest son's birthday.
I had planned to get started as soon as possible. I took the boys trick-or-treating on Halloween while my husband shuttled my daughter and best friend to and from a dance. The best friend was spending the night here afterwards, and I usually stay up until I think they're either asleep or close.

Of course, the best of intentions has never actually helped anyone. Saturday was a busy day from beginning to end and by the stroke of midnight--when Nano officially begins--I'd lost my resolve. I did set the clocks back before going to bed, hoping that might inspire me. Rather than believing I had any extra time, I just knew that the youngest (who is years away from being able to tell time) was not going to sleep in and went to bed myself.

Sunday I made birthday cake, took a walk with the husband, we took kids out to lunch, we celebrated the toddler's birthday. It was a great day but by day's end, word count was still zero.

Day 2? Yes, I'm here, explaining, complaining and rationalizing my lack of progress rather than writing. I could give you my to-do list for today but I'm sure it looks as full as yours does. So many of you have already made promising progress! I applaud you! Way to go!

I'm still warming up but I'll catch up! This year, I WILL catch up!


LoryKC said...

I was attempting to start a new WIP for this project--though another one is sitting my hard-drive at 19,000 words.
Perhaps I should work on adding 50,000 to that one! ;)

jocelyn said...

That sounds like a great plan! :) Also, it's only the 2nd...don't be so hard on yourself (yet) :) Good luck!

Tracy said...

I hope you are writing away today! Birthday is a darned good excuse. I've got one of those coming up (my son). I'm trying to figure if I should hit the word count early or late. You'll have no problem catching up. I've started with a bang... now I'm worried about losin my sizzle!

LoryKC said...

You'll do great! You've started off running! Now, even if you slow your pace, you're well on your way!