Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back in the middle of things

We made it back on Sunday and got my mother-in-law back home on Monday. However, it takes me longer and longer each time we leave to get back into the routine! While I'm thankful the hubbie had Monday off, it throws my routine off just a little.

The trip went well. Notre Dame won the game so it was a pleasant trip! ;) We were able to visit with friends and that was fun! We met one of the hubbie's former classmates and his wife and drove down to Colorado Springs with them. We were able to meet up with another friend/classmate the day of the game.

Of course, I was more excited to reconnect with Jen--a friend from highschool that I haven't seen in years! I was able to meet her two little girls as well. Her oldest reminds me of my oldest a few years ago! She finally warmed up to me--even let me take several photos of her--and then I got a few of her face! (The first several are of the back of her head as she'd smile and then turn away just as I snapped the picture!)

It was really wonderful to spend time with them--even if it was just breakfast. I'll have to get my kiddos over there before we move further away again.

I bought a new novel to read on the trip but I have not made much progress on the NaNo novel since we left. Thursday morning is the first morning this week I did not have some other obligation so I intend to spend it with the laptop.

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