Thursday, November 09, 2006

Old friends, new babies, reunions and a football game

We may all be scattered to all parts of the country now but it is a week to think of old friends from home!

This week, Aaron became a father for the first time! Congratulations, Aaron and Kathy--and welcome, Emelia Louise!

If that were not enough excitement for one week, Kris became a mother for the first time! Congratulations Kris and Dayne and welcome,Delaney Joy!

This small world we live in seems smaller every day thanks to the world wide web and it's great. I have already seen pics of both beautiful baby girls--and their adoring parents! How awesome is that?

Speaking of sharing beautiful pics on the web, another mutual friend has been sharing pics of her family for a while. I finally live "close" to her (she's in Colorado, I'm in Kansas) but I haven't been able to visit -- until this weekend!!

The hubbie and I are headed to Colorado Springs to watch Notre Dame play Air Force and I'll catch up with Jen while we're there! My mother-in-law is here with the kids and my daughter is a little bummed that she can't even look for us on tv.The game is not being broadcast on any major networks this time so you won't see me waving. (I know many of you will be hard at work on NaNo novels or gazing at newborns so you won't be watching football anyway but I'll catch up with all of you in a few days!)

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