Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fixed for Friday

The vibration in the car's wheel is fixed and tires are rotated. The hatch/back door has to wait for a part so that will be another 2-hour drive to the dealership but I wrote over 1,900 words while I waited there yesterday!

The hubbie has caulked in the bathroom and filled the crack that was causing the stain on our ceiling; the window that would not open has been fixed and the toilets have all been "toggled" correctly. The gas fireplace has been checked and no one can find the miniature leak now!

The hubbie even fixed my cell phone! (Somehow I cracked it and the top was dangling from the bottom when I used it! The piece finally came completely off and we didn't think we could glue plastic but he found a way!)

So the house is getting in shape and the realtor is sitting down with us tomorrow evening to go over paperwork and help us set the price. If the cell phone can just hang in there until we move, I'll be happy!

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