Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Warm heart, cold hands!

I hope you are having a happy, warm day!

How does the saying go? Cold hands, warm heart? My heart must be red hot -- my hands are cold!

We used to live in Fairbanks, Alaska so we've seen two degrees Farenheit before. However, it is currently 2 degrees here and 2 degrees in Fairbanks. With wind chills factored in, it feels like 2 in Alaska but -10 here! That's just wrong.


Margaret said...

Here's hoping to a great Valentines Day and some warming up! It was springtime here yesterday - even had a thunder shower. Now... burrrrr!

Jocelynka said...

I would say you could come on down, but it's supposed to get COLD here the 30's!! Of course you are still welcome...anytime, warm or cool weather.

LoryKC said...

I hope things are warming up there! We are supposed to have temps in the FIFTIES this weekend!
We'll see...we have freezing rain coming down right now but at least temps have risen to double-digits.

I'll come down for your cold spell to warm up! ;) Thanks--we'll get back to FL one of these days!

Nancy said...

P'cola was in the 20"s. Getting use out of my jacket I bought in Manhattan. Uncle R had to go to Sheboygan, Wiscon, last week. The temp. the first day there was -9. I do not have to worry about moving there!!! The only time Uncle R wanted to come back home from a trip!!