Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keep Up!

Throughout the day, I can find inspiration here and there but my latest source is my little green box of Yogi Tea. There is a new message on each teabag. I've had messages about looking for God in unlikely places, thinking positive about each day, etc. They're short and sweet but today's little note was only two words: "Keep Up!"

My tea bag knew it would be a hectic day before I did! I think I've managed to keep up so far--maybe it's because I'm still getting a little caffeine in my one cup of green tea!

How is your day going? Can you keep up?


Rene said...

Nope. Can't keep up right now. My Friday was so busy and today is going to be busy too. I'm not even trying.

LoryKC said...

Hope Saturday was better! I got the same message on my tea bag two days in a row! (And the second day did seem busier, too!)
I chose not to have a cup of tea yesterday!