Sunday, April 01, 2007

You know you want one!

(And if you don't want one, that's OK--it helps my odds!)

I'm talking about the fabulous opportunity you can find over at 5 Minutes for Mom. They are giving away a Dyson Slim vacuum!

I can already see myself effortlessly cleaning the stairs with this light wonder! However, if you feel that it should be you, hop over to 5 Minutes for Mom and sign up! I'll let you know how well it works, er...I mean, good luck!


Kellie said...

I'll arm wrestle you for it! ;o)

Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

Oh Gee, I cannot wait....Vacuuming is such a joy. I better hurry.!!!!!

LoryKC said...

You're on! ;)

It's not a joy yet! If I could get my stairs clean without spending half my energy balancing the heavy vacuum while using the hose with the other might be fun! (Or it might at least look like enough fun that the kiddos will volunteer!)